Cuba Cruise – May 2018 – Oceania Cruises Sirena

This page is dedicated to the amazing food we ate while cruising around Cuba and the Bahamas. If you want to see the sights we saw check them out

Havana –

Cienfuegos –

Santiago De Cuba –

Freeport –

My favorite drink – Apricot Sour
Roasted garlic – My favorite part of eating at Tuscan Steak
Pittsburgh style Rib Eye – Tuscan Steak
The best Pina Colada -Cuban style
Taste of the world – France – Grand Dining Room
Caviar with little pancakes -Grand Dining Room
Lobster Dinner -Grand Dining Room
Singha – Japanese Beer in Red Ginger
Seared salmon and scallop ceviche Appetizer – Red Ginger
Spicy Duck & Watermelon Salad – Red Ginger
Miso Glazed Seabass – Red Ginger
White Ginger Pear Tea – Red Ginger
Caramel Tapioca – Red Ginger
Bounty Cake – Red Ginger
Champagne breakfast served in our suite.
Delicious ice cream parfait – Grand Dining Room
Coconut Ice Cream -Grand Dining Room
Oysters Rockefeller – Tuscan Steak
Queen’s cut prime rib – Tuscan Steak
King’s cut prime rib – Tuscan Steak
Banana Milkshake – Waves Grill
Afternoon tea – Horizons
Seven spices crusted lamb rack – Red Ginger
Yuzu citrus sorbet – Red Ginger
Japanese togarashi ice cream with chili salt – Red Ginger
Cheesecake – Grand Dining Room
Molton Lava Cake – Grand Dining Room
Escargot in Casserole – Tuscan Steak
Salade Niçoise with grilled tuna – Grand Dining Room
Mocha Cake – Grand Dining Room
Sushi Chef’s Selection – Red Ginger
Chili Miso Soup – Red Ginger
Thai Vegetable Curry – Red Ginger
BBQ Pork chop – Grand Dining Room
Scrambled eggs with cheese and onions and lamb chops – Grand Dining Room Breakfast
Fois Gras with sliced Beef – Grand Dining R0om
Corniche Hen – Grand Dining Room
Chocolate Cake – Grand Dining Room
Pork Luc Lac – Red Ginger


Iceland – April 2018

This page is dedicated to the delicious food we ate while in Iceland if you want to see the sights we saw check it out

Fish Soup @ Blue Lagoon

Lamb 3 ways @ Blue Lagoon

Buried Char cauliflower, apples, fennel, quinoa
Djúsí Pasta Hörpuskel Tigers, Parmesan, Tomato
Grilled Lamb French, Salad & Sauce

Delicious Hot Chocolate @ Rost
Cafe & Bar

Fiskfelagid (Fish Company) – Mixed SUSHI platter, deepfried Lobster Roll Tempura, Salmon, Softshell Crab & Tuna
Fiskfelagid (Fish Company) – Chorizo – Mustard glazed Pork Belly & Gnocchipasta in creamy Tio Pepe sauce, sundried Tomato, Chorizo & olive puree
Fiskfelagid (Fish Company) – Chimichurri – Roasted Wolfish & deepfried Cheeks with black bean purée, wild rice ragú & plantain chips, Halumi Cheese, sweet potato with Rum & Lime sauce
Fiskfelagid (Fish Company) – Asparagus – Pan fried Plaice with King crab & Lobster Salad, pickled white asparagus, broccolini & crab emulsion, green asparagus & Hollandaise sauce
Fiskfelagid (Fish Company) – Russia Beets – Pickled & Roasted Beet, grilled kale, sunchokes & broccolini, herb infused Buttermilk & Malt Crumble
Fiskfelagid (Fish Company) – Celeriac – Fried Lamb Sirloin & Glazed Lamb Neck with celeriac puree, Beer Pickled Onion & salt baked Celeriac, lamb glaze & celeriac spiced with kombu

Naples, Florida

Ebelskivers – Danish filled pancakes

Sausage and Peppers on our skillet

Black Eyed Pig – Our favorite place for BBQ

Best Smoked Wings
Amazing BLT on Texas Toast
St. Louis Dry Ribs

The Continental 

Filet Mignon Sandwich, Caramelized Onion, Tomato, Horseradish Aioli
Hamburger – with pommes frites or house made pickled cucumbers Continental Burger, Bacon, Cheese, Tomato, Mac Sauce

Rumba Cuban Cafe

Churrasco Steak with Yellow rice and yuca
Lechon Asado with plantains, rice & beans

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