Iceland – April 2018

This page is dedicated to the delicious food we ate while in Iceland if you want to see the sights we saw check it out

Fish Soup @ Blue Lagoon

Lamb 3 ways @ Blue Lagoon

Buried Char cauliflower, apples, fennel, quinoa
Djúsí Pasta Hörpuskel Tigers, Parmesan, Tomato
Grilled Lamb French, Salad & Sauce

Delicious Hot Chocolate @ Rost
Cafe & Bar

Fiskfelagid (Fish Company) – Mixed SUSHI platter, deepfried Lobster Roll Tempura, Salmon, Softshell Crab & Tuna
Fiskfelagid (Fish Company) – Chorizo – Mustard glazed Pork Belly & Gnocchipasta in creamy Tio Pepe sauce, sundried Tomato, Chorizo & olive puree
Fiskfelagid (Fish Company) – Chimichurri – Roasted Wolfish & deepfried Cheeks with black bean purée, wild rice ragú & plantain chips, Halumi Cheese, sweet potato with Rum & Lime sauce
Fiskfelagid (Fish Company) – Asparagus – Pan fried Plaice with King crab & Lobster Salad, pickled white asparagus, broccolini & crab emulsion, green asparagus & Hollandaise sauce
Fiskfelagid (Fish Company) – Russia Beets – Pickled & Roasted Beet, grilled kale, sunchokes & broccolini, herb infused Buttermilk & Malt Crumble
Fiskfelagid (Fish Company) – Celeriac – Fried Lamb Sirloin & Glazed Lamb Neck with celeriac puree, Beer Pickled Onion & salt baked Celeriac, lamb glaze & celeriac spiced with kombu

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